You clicked on "pajama pants."  Wise decision.


You probably want to know more about my sleep habits. After all, you want your work done by well-rested creative types. I get it.


Well, I'm a side sleeper. Technically, a side insomniac. I like two pillows— minimum.


Or maybe you're just the curious type. I am too. I love uncovering new ideas and approaches. Finding inspiration in something unexpected.


Here's a little more about me. I like old signs, chipped paint, apricot jam, the color indigo, running through the woods to the theme song from the Bionic Man, fuzzy socks and the left over foil from holiday Hershey's kisses.


I have two kids — Connor and Allie. Both are taller than me. I also have a cat and three dogs — one named Fenway. So yes, you can also infer I am originally from Boston.


When I am up against a deadline, I blast the cello version of "The Gael." When I have no more ideas, I switch to a red pen. Try this. You will thank me.


I live in a historic victorian house in the city. It has a purple door and creaky floors and I love it.


And in my spare time, I do improv comedy. Yes. On a stage. It is terrifying, but it keeps me sharp.

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